Nick's International Virtual Garage Concert Series aims to please those of us interested in listening, performing, experiencing, and talking about Space/Ambient/Psychedelic music!

This page is about letting you know how to reach the various channels we have for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Nick's International Virtual Garage Concert Series Artist's Expectations & Rights

1. Artists must know how to use and demonstrate their knowledge of streaming software like obs.

2. Artist must have/find a device to monitor (not focus) on the two-way communication between Nick's Garage and you

3. Artist must make an effort to be in touch with Nick's Garage at least two weeks in advance to let me know your status regarding your scheduled performance.

4. Artist must be available for at least a five-minute stream test the week of your performance. You must make the effort with me to make sure you can stream and that everything looks and sounds good.

5. Artist realizes that Nick's Virtual Garage streams to the following platforms (as of this writing). Twitch, YouTube, Facebook. Through a service called RESTREAM. A personal copy of your performance will be given to you within 24 to 72 hours.

6. Artists should be advised that it is not a bad idea to record their performance locally if possible.

7. Artists do not need to ask permission to stream at their scheduled time. Just hit the stream button and go! If you have a splash screen (static JPEG) you may start no earlier than five minutes before your scheduled time (example: 7:55 pm or 3:55 pm EDT/EST.

8. Artists must commit to performing at least an hour. Anything up to two hours is a gift you choose to bestow on us.

9. Artist must make every effort to be on Messenger for at least the week of your performance.

Nick's Garage Commitments to the Artist(s)

1. All efforts will be made to schedule you correctly and verify that the date we agreed on is in fact the date you are playing.

2. I will to the best of my ability try and provide you with technical help as much as humanly possible. We now have 2 part-time tech help included in the Tech Garage Chat. At least one of them will be available ( in the Nick’s Garage Tech Chat) as well as others in the community that would want to help.

3. That I will to the best of my ability monitor the Twitch ( the main concert chat room) chat room for any abusive talk and expel that person from the room and if necessary ban them from coming on the chat ever again.

4. Nick's International Virtual Garage Concert series is an all-inclusive performance space. No discrimination or hatred will be tolerated whatsoever! Everyone who is asked to play or is approved to play will be treated with the utmost respect and geniality.

5. You the artist control your work. You own it and can share it as you wish and could release it later for money, etc. If you ask me to take the performance off of our platforms it will be done.

6. Nick's Virtual Garage cannot possibly monitor people's thoughts before they type in the chat. I/We will immediately and strongly react to whoever is acting in a manner unacceptable to the rest of us. See # 3 and # 4.

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9GQwobcswCfWo58fSSn14A

Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/nicks_virtual_garage_2020

Facebook Calender: https://www.facebook.com/nicksinternationalvirtualgarage/events/ ( SHARE THOSE EVENT PAGE LINKS!)

FaceBook Videos: https://www.facebook.com/nick.mellis/videos_by

Princeton TV ( dot org) https://princetontv.org/Broadcast%20Schedule.html






Nick's International Garage Schedule (subject to change! Human after all!)


Nick's Virtual Garage Schedule


Thanks for visiting! See us on Friday nights @ 20:00 HRS New York, Saturdays @ 16:00 HRS New York, Saturday nights @ 20:00 HRS New York